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Lantex Voice & Data Systems was established in 1999. With years of experience, Lantex provides our clients with a single source for high-tech communications solutions. Lantex offers cabling (including fiber optic), VOIP, telephone systems, call center applications, and network hardware to business customers. We always strive to offer the latest in voice & data communications technology.


Lantex Voice & Data Systems is a leading national provider of IT infrastructure and network cabling, providing infrastructure engineering and installation for voice, data, video and wireless solutions. Lantex Voice & Data Systems offers a one stop shop for your design to build infrastructure needs and equipment rollout projects

Cabling & Wiring Utilize our cabling consulting services by outsourcing your network cabling and telephone wiring with our complete telecommunications package. Our IT services are available throughout the United States and managed from Connecticut.

Telecommunications Installation Telecommunications is an integral part of Lantex Voice & Data Systems (Lantex Voice & Data Systems). We have resources that are trained, certified, licensed and experienced in the following areas:

  • Telephone wiring: Category 3, Category 5E
  • Install phone and fax equipment
  • Set up voice mail and phone extension systems
  • Develop phone and fax extension diagrams
  • Design and provide VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) phone systems

Network System Installation Provide installation of these types of network cabling:

  • Network wiring: Category 5E and Category 6 cabling
  • Fiber optics wiring: single-mode, multi-mode ST, SC, MT-RJ
  • Coaxial cable wiring: RG-6, RG-58
  • Test and certify new and existing cabling
  • Develop wiring and connection diagrams
  • Design and install wireless networks and overlays
  • We apply ANSI/EIA/TIA standards in all of our installations

Telecommunications Administration Equipment management services available:

  • Maintain telephone and fax equipment
  • Troubleshoot current equipment
  • Procure new telecommunications equipment
  • Set up voice mail and phone extensions for new and existing employees
  • Train end users to use telecommunications equipment

Carrier Management

  • Assess the telecommunication needs of the organization
  • Handle carrier selection and contract negotiation
  • Compare local and long-distance rates
  • Manage telecommunication carriers
  • Audit the service and bill of vendors
  • Test line capacity for voice and data
  • Manage carrier installation of T1, T3, DS1, DS3, DS4, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), ADSL, SDSL,Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), cable modem, satellite, analog, centrex

Cabling and Plant Services We specialize in the following communication cabling installation and design services:

  • AT&T SYSTIMAX installation and design services
  • ATM
  • Baseband/broadband LAN/WAN network
  • AutoCAD services
  • Complete engineering services
  • Computer room design/builds
  • Complete video network installation and design
  • Distribution systems, network layout services
  • Electrical and construction coordination
  • FDDI
  • Feasibility studies
  • Inside and outside plant cabling
  • LAN/WAN design and installation services
  • Optical fiber splicing, termination and installation services
  • Pre- and post-installation documentation
  • Site surveys
  • Total project management

Lantex Voice & Data Systems serves a diverse array of clients with services ranging from network integration, local and wide area network (LAN/WAN) design, and premises cable installation to host connectivity, application integration, and the proper use of today’s communications products. From project inception through completion, Lantex Voice & Data Systems is a single source for total system and network design, engineering, installation, and support.

  • Banking/finance
  • High tech
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Biotech
  • Entertainment/gaming
  • Manufacturing
  • Multi-dwelling units
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Publishing
  • Country clubs

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