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You can run up to 64 Security Cameras with built in motion detection with a CCTV System. Surveillance video is digitally stored on hard drives and can be networked to work alongside with computers. You can even survey your business premises from anywhere in the world over the internet. Even though Surveillance Technology is becoming more sophisticated, we still make sure that the interface is simple and reliable.
A surveillance system at your facility will prevent theft and vandalism simply by its presence. A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) will record from cameras, which will also aide in internal or criminal investigations. Security Camera Systems allow for constant supervision, and new technology provides very practical options. Our systems are designed and installed with expertise.

Design & Installation Methods

Across California, we have installed CCTV Systems for Business, Local and Federal Government Applications. Commercial and Government Customers have very specific needs when it comes to protection. This makes customization very important when it comes to securing Commercial and Government organizations with Security Cameras, and that is our specialty. We take into account all of your functional requirements, along with your budget, and design a Surveillance System to best fit your needs. Your Surveillance Solution will be engineered around your specific requirements. After the installation, we will train you and your staff on your new CCTV System.

CCTV System Equipment

Technology is advancing fast, and this holds true with Surveillance Technology. Almost any breakthrough in hardware has an effect on Security products. By using only top quality equipment, we can assure that your Surveillance System is reliable and long-lasting. There are many manufacturers of CCTV equipment, but we are very selective. Please feel free to research the equipment that we trust: Pelco, Nuvico, Speco, Digital Watchdog, Everfocus and more! Cameras are the eyes of the CCTV System. They come in many different specifications, such as color, black/white, high/medium/low resolution, pan/tilt/zoom, etc. Cameras are now available with Motion Detectors. So they are inactive when nothing is happening, and they activate when movement is detected. Control Devices (PTZ) If the camera allows, a control device can move and zoom in or out. A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a computer dedicated to recording the input from cameras. The DVR is the brain of the CCTV System. All the wires from cameras (or wireless signals) are received by the DVR, and software is used to view current or past recordings. Over the internet, you can see what is happening at your office from anywhere in the world with a Security Camera System. We install Security Camera systems in San Diego, Imperial, Yuma, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange County.

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